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Blue Cross Blue Shield DROPS Large PPO Network

Over the past few days, many BCBS members have received notices that their networks are being dropped for the 2016 policy year.  Unfortunately-this is true. Associated Agencies is here to help and has solutions to work through the network problems to ensure coverage is adequate for you and your family for 2016.  Starting November 1st Read More

UBER and Food Delivery Drivers!

  Some of our clients (or their kids) are entertaining the idea of driving for UBER or delivering food for a restaurant. Is this type of driving covered by insurance? Here is the answer: In general, most policies do NOT cover if the car is used for “public or livery conveyance”. In our opinion, this Read More

Understanding Insurance as we Age

Last month we posted a blog about insurance issues that occur when our children graduate from college and leave home. This month we wanted to talk about the other end of the age spectrum, insurance issues that arise when our parents age. Medicare Many of our parents are on Medicare. They will need a Medicare Read More

Steps to Take After My Kids Graduate College

Are your kids graduating from College? Congratulations!!! Here are some pointers you may want to consider: 1)      Renters Insurance If your child moves out of your home after graduating from college, they no longer have coverage for their personal property or personal liability coverage on your homeowners insurance.  We highly recommend they purchase a renter’s Read More

Long-Term Care Insurance: How to Choose It

Long Term Care Insurance is something that everyone has a different opinion on.  This article will walk you through the positives and negatives of Long Term Care Insurance-as well as the different options currently available to purchase.  Many financial advisors and economists still agree that some kind of Long-Term Care Insurance is an important tool Read More

Special Enrollment Period for Tax Season

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced a Special Enrollment Period for individuals and families who did not purchase health insurance and are subject to the shared responsibility payment (fee) while filing their 2014 taxes.  This only applies to states that are using the Federally-facilitated marketplaces (which Illinois is a part of).   This Special Read More

Open Enrollment for Health Insurance Closes February 15th

2015 Open Enrollment under the Affordable Care Act closes at 11:59pm on February 15th, 2015.  This is the last chance to get coverage at all for 2015.  After February 15th, 2015, a life event must occur so one can enroll in Health Insurance during their Special Enrollment Period. Life Events that will generate a Special Read More