Manufacturing and distribution require specific risk coverage. We understand, and we're here to protect you.

You're an innovator and a problem solver. So are we. At Associated, we understand the drive that fuels the manufacturing industry. It's the same drive pushing us to be best-in-class. As you push forward, let us protect you with the right coverage.

When we work with our manufacturing and distribution clients, we do a comprehensive risk assessment of the business. When you’re at the forefront of innovation, new ideas and new approaches require specialized coverage. We understand the complexity of the manufacturing business and know how to help you mitigate risk.

We've been around for over 130 years, so we've built longstanding relationships. We've seen the way industry changes and moves in a world that's increasingly interconnected. We're well-versed in these emerging exposures and we'll help you forge ahead securely into the future.

Manufacturing and distribution coverage areas in which we specialize:

  • Workers' Compensation: We can work with your team to find trends and mitigate claims to keep your workers safe.

  • Product Recalls: We’re able to help you prevent and limit losses. We can evaluate your exposure.

  • Loss Transfer: We review your contracts and help you transfer risk to the negligent party.

  • Disaster Recovery: If your business is down, traditional insurance will replace physical assets and protect your profit during the repair, but will your business survive? Proper planning can help.

  • Intellectual Property Coverage: Protect your patents and latest innovations with intellectual property coverage.

  • Supply Chain Management: If a major supplier has a covered loss, how will it affect your business?

  • Errors and Omissions Protection: Many product designs require errors and omissions coverage.

  • Cyber Liability: If you have a computer, you need coverage for data breaches and cybercrimes.

  • Directors and Officers Liability and Protection: Ensure your company’s leadership is covered and safeguarded in any scenario.


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We understand the unique niche of manufacturing and distribution—an area with extremely complex and specific needs. We're always engaged in ongoing discussions with our clients because businesses change so quickly. As partners, we make it a point to know and understand what's going on with your business.

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