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Open Enrollment for Health Insurance Closes February 15th

2015 Open Enrollment under the Affordable Care Act closes at 11:59pm on February 15th, 2015.  This is the last chance to get coverage at all for 2015.  After February 15th, 2015, a life event must occur so one can enroll in Health Insurance during their Special Enrollment Period.

Life Events that will generate a Special Enrollment Period are as follows:

  • I and/or my dependent(s) lost minimum essential coverage:
  • Involuntary loss due to reasons other than non-payment of premium or rescission
  • Due to reaching the maximum age, legal separation, divorce, or death of policy holder
  • I am no longer eligible for my prior health insurance plan due to termination of employment, reduction in number of hours of employment, loss of employer contribution towards my premiums, or I have exhausted COBRA
  • I am no longer residing or living in my prior health insurance plan’s HMO service area
  • I have a claim that would meet or exceed a lifetime limit on all benefits
  • I have lost coverage because my plan no longer offers benefits to the class of similarly situated individuals
  • I have lost coverage through my group HMO because I no longer reside or work in the service area and no other package is available
  • Marriage
  • Birth of a child/Adoption of a child
  • An error occurred in my previous health plan enrollment
  • Newly eligible or ineligible for a Health Insurance Marketplace Tax Subsidy
  • Permanent Move
  • My current policy is ending in a non-calendar year

If you have any questions, or would like to enroll in a plan, please contact Associated Agencies at 847-427-3443.