New Payment Option for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois Clients

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois launched a new payment channel for members to make a one-time “check by phone” or online electronic funds transfer (EFT) payment. Blue Cross has contracted with Alactriti, a third party vendor, to use their automated electronic bill and payment solution, OrbiPay®, to accept one-time payments by bank draft through an automated toll-free phone system as well as a simple Web solution that does not require logging in to Blue Access for Members.
There are two options for members to make a one-time payment:

• The phone option allows members to call the OrbiPay payment line 24/7 directly, toll-free at 877-433-3755.
• If you select “pay by card” you will be routed to our credit card processing vendor at 866-654-8569, where you can make debit and credit card payments.

• The OrbiPay web solution can be found at bcbsil.com/payment-options. Members will log in with their 9-digit member ID number and their ZIP code.
• This information will pull the member’s record and allow the payment to be applied directly to the account.
• The payment will be posted within 24 hours, and the member will receive confirmation of payment receipt.

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