Additional Coverage

Personal Excess Liability Coverage

Often, the liability limits of standard home and auto policies may not be enough in case of a catastrophic loss. This extra coverage is an additional limit above your primary liability limits. Limits for umbrella policies start at $1 million and can go up to $20 million or more, depending on your specific need.

Valuable Articles Coverage

The standard homeowners insurance policy provides you with specific limits on items such as jewelry, fine art, furs, silver, gold, and more. Valuable articles coverage enables you to specifically insure these items at their replacement value. Typically, a bill of sale or appraisal of the item will help to determine the exact amount of insurance.

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

A specific policy is required for motorcycles and we have many options available, including policies with a layup period to account for weather restrictions that prevent you from riding year round.

Watercraft Coverage

Despite legal requirements, a large majority of individuals choose to drive without the necessary insurance or any insurance at all. This vital protection will help to pay for bodily injury to you and your passengers, should a driver with either no insurance or insufficient insurance be responsible for an accident.

Recreational Vehicle Coverage

Whether you own a fifth wheel, motor home, travel trailer, or large RV, it is recommended that you obtain a recreational vehicle insurance policy. These policies are custom tailored to meet the needs of the individual.