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UBER and Food Delivery Drivers!



Some of our clients (or their kids) are entertaining the idea of driving for UBER or delivering food for a restaurant.

Is this type of driving covered by insurance?

Here is the answer:

  1. In general, most policies do NOT cover if the car is used for “public or livery conveyance”.
  2. In our opinion, this excludes coverage for UBER exposure.
  3. We are under the impression that when you are driving for UBER, and actually have a customer in your car, UBER’s insurance will cover you.
  4. If you are driving around looking for customer, your insurance may or may not cover you.
  5. In general, we believe most policies WILL cover if you are delivering food

HOWEVER, if any of our carriers find out that you are delivering food or driving for UBER, they will cancel your coverage.

We do have a few carriers that will provide coverage if you are driving for UBER or a food delivery service, but only for an additional premium.

Travelers for instance just came out with a program that covers you while under dispatch for UBER or a similar program.

The bottom line is:

PLEASE don’t assume its covered!


If it is not covered, we will find out what we can do to provide the protection needed.