Welcome to Associated Agencies New Online Resource

With the launch of a refreshed website and social media presence, Associated Agencies has just deployed another new resource that we hope you find informative and useful.

Our new blog will tackle the latest in news and information regarding commercial insurance and employee benefits packages offered in the insurance industry today. You’ll learn the benefits of different coverage options. We’ll help dispel some myths about the various types of insurance, why you should consider some you may not have thought of before, and even share some insight about products not commonly known outside of those in the industry.

But, it won’t all be technical or tedious. Our team is all about community, and so will our blog.

Don’t forget to signup to follow the plug through the RSS feed below or use our blog delivery form to receive monthly recaps of the latest news and information published here; delivered to your favorite email address. Finally, for those social bugs out there, you’ll find Associated Agencies on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and more.

We look forward to your feedback, and helping you with your next business insurance consultation.

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