In a rapidly evolving industry and a challenging marketplace, cannabis-related businesses have both standard and unique insurance needs that require extensive knowledge and understanding of the space.

The cannabis industry is in a state of exciting growth and constant evolution. Associated works closely with the members of this growing industry to secure insurance coverage and mitigate risk. We've formed relationships with cannabis-specific carriers, writing products to serve this unique industry. As the industry continues to evolve, we are committed to growing with it.

Our clients include both plant-touching and ancillary businesses such as:

  • Dispensary and Retail Locations
  • Cannabis, CBD, and Hemp Cultivations
  • Lighting
  • Manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • Distribution

In addition to representing our clients' best interests in navigating this challenging space, Associated is committed to facilitating partnerships between our clients and within our network. As industry leaders, our goal is to not only provide you with a risk management strategy but also with connections to help further grow your business. We understand this niche and we're committed to helping quickly, accurately, and thoroughly.

While standard business coverage is necessary, there are many risk areas unique to the cannabis industry, as well as areas shared by all small businesses. We’re prepared and able to help you find your way through:

  • Product liability and loss: From CBD, crop, oils, topicals, and more, we'll protect your business from the risk associated with any consumable product.

  • Equipment Protection and Coverage: Harvesting, packaging, oil extraction, distribution, and more, your business relies on your equipment.

  • Property: Property markets can be challenging to find when associated with a cannabis business, even on the corporate level. We’re experienced at getting creative with programs to secure strong coverage and keep premiums down.

  • Crop Coverage: Place insurance directly on your crop at all stages of its growth, from seed all the way to stem.

  • Corporate Officer Coverage: Your leadership team is vital to your success. Rest assured they're properly covered, so your business stays protected.

  • Employee Insurance, Benefits, and Liability: Employee coverage is vital to the success of every small business. We know how to help with the simplest as well as the most complex needs.


Zachary Karmin

Cannabis Practice Leader

Our primary goal in the cannabis space is to be the best possible resource for our partners. We look to be industry experts, guiding our clients in their efforts to start or grow their business in this challenging marketplace. By introducing our clients to each other to grow their networks, attending industry conferences throughout the year, placing coverage, and ensuring our clients know the risk associated with their businesses, we look to be assets to our clients on all levels.

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