From hosting elite athletes aiming for a PR to weekend warriors lacing up for a good cause, stay covered with the right insurance for your running event.

We provide insurance for all running events, from world marathons to fun runs and 5Ks. We’ll do whatever it takes to ensure your event is safe, secure, and fully covered.

Insurance for running events is highly specialized. There are many moving pieces (in addition to the moving athletes). As a concierge insurance broker, we help you understand exactly what you’re buying and why. We’ve worked with clients on running events around the country, managing risk associated with volunteers, athletes, equipment, and cancellations.

When you’re planning an event, there are external factors and internal factors to consider. There’s medical coverage, communication needs, security, and coordination with municipalities. Plus, there’s bad weather risks and all those other factors beyond your control. At Associated, we have the experience and the wherewithal to go the distance. We'll be by your side to ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

Each running event is different, but we’ll partner with you to find the right insurance for your running event including:

  • General Liability - Ensure you're protected against any missteps or accidents during your event.

  • Property and Equipment Insurance: Safeguard your equipment from start to finish, including sound, generators, platforms, and more.

  • Medical and Security Coverage: Should the worst happen, proper medical and security coverage helps you move forward.

  • Media and Cyber Liability: Ensure broadcasts of your event are appropriately disseminated and that you’re protected against lawsuits.

  • Volunteer Coverage: Volunteers are the heart of your event, keep them covered, and keep yourself safe.

  • Cancellation Insurance: From wildfires to air quality issues and natural disasters, a lot can go wrong on race day. Protect your investment.


Michael Iser

Running Program Practice Leader

We believe everyone is entitled to the same level of professional service and treatment. We work with our event clients to design a program to meet their needs. Insurance costs shouldn’t be viewed as a one-size-fits-all operating expense but as a strategic expense.

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