Employee Benefits

In today’s tight labor market, a thoughtful employee benefits program can set you apart. Let Associated help you understand your options.

Employee benefits are top of mind for many businesses, but understanding the benchmarks in your industry can quickly become overwhelming. At Associated, we're on top of the latest offerings and different options available to you. We'll explain the numerous benefits available, how they work, who funds them, and all pertinent information you need to know.

The framework of our employee benefits practice is built around the three C’s:

  • Creativity: We’ll use creativity to ensure you’re offering the best benefits possible, while still working within your budget.

  • Communications: We’ll communicate exactly how enrollment works, what your employees need and expect, and how to handle the administration of the plan.

  • Compliance: We work to ensure your company is compliant with the latest updates and security measures.

Employers focus on employee benefits during the renewal process each year but get busy as the year goes on. At Associated, we're engaged with the benefits industry all year round. We stay up on regulations and changes to ensure you’re always informed and aware of the employee benefits information affecting your offering.

Focus on Wellness

We offer the Vitality program for our employees in-house and we’ve found it aligns with many of our clients’ needs as well. We know the importance of wellness on employee morale and performance. Vitality is one example of the exciting benefits we can help you extend to your employees.