Claims is where our team shines

We invest heavily in our claims department to provide best-in-class support to you and your team before, during, and after a claim occurs. Associated stands by your side to help process claims and advocate when necessary. Our team also proactively analyzes claims data to drive down frequency and severity. Please reach out to us today to better understand our claims process and how we can support your business.


To fix a problem, you must first find the problem. Our analytics team digs deep into claim and exposure data to identify, analyze, and mitigate risks. Whether you’re a property owner needing catastrophe analytics, a manufacturer with frequently injured employees, or a transporter with a distracted driving problem, we can leverage data and analytics to find meaningful solutions.


We work with you and our carrier partners to settle claims easily and efficiently. Our experienced team knows the right questions to ask to report claims as quickly and as accurately as possible.


Our claims team stands out when claims are large and complex. Whether it be a large workers' compensation claim or a product liability claim involving subrogation and claimant attorneys, we advocate for timely settlement in your best interest. We have strong, long-lasting relationships with insurers and their adjusters, which we leverage in your favor.


Associated has invested in the latest software and technology to help our clients manage their insurance and risk management programs. We focus on data so that we can assist our clients with root cause analysis and drive down cost in a strategic way.