When you’re serving populations like youth and the elderly, you need to protect your organization from vulnerability as well. Associated helps you stay strong and serve.

Nonprofits, synagogues, churches, community centers, and schools run on shoestring budgets. You may have insurance, but one bad claim or unfortunate situation can cost your entire program due to loss of reputation. We understand nonprofit business insurance. We know your work is so critical to others, which is why we’re committed to going above and beyond to manage risk and prevent catastrophe.

Many community organizations run dozens of programs. Your church may offer meals-on-wheels for the elderly, early childhood programs, summer camps, weekend retreats, and more. With each program, you’re serving others and bringing light to your community. You must protect your organization, so you can continue to run the programs so many are reliant upon.

Reputation cannot be insured. We understand this and spend time working with nonprofits to prevent the unexpected. Should a situation arise, we'll help you be prepared to handle it.

Associated is founded upon a philosophy of putting our feet in the shoes of others, thinking about their needs first and foremost. This consideration and empathy set us apart as a company. It’s that same collaborative spirit of partnership we bring to each nonprofit organization we work alongside.

We understand the unique risks and coverage needs of the nonprofit community, including:

  • Professional and Pastoral Liability: Protect your leadership and ensure your organization is fully covered.

  • Sexual Abuse and Mental Health Issues: We’ll help you navigate these difficult areas and prevent problems.

  • Social Worker Liability: When serving vulnerable populations, it's essential to protect your professional staff as well.

  • Transportation Liability and Security: Serving and transporting children or members of your congregation means assuming the risk for their safety and security from accidents.

  • Workers' Compensation: We’ll walk you through what’s covered and how to minimize your liability and risk.

  • Securing Affordable Benefits Programs for Staff: Attract top talent and keep your team healthy and happy with employee benefits.


Skip Schrayer


My heart is with our community nonprofits and religious clients. We work closely with them to understand the ways they are exposed to risk and help them mitigate that risk. With so much on their plate, we're a resource, offering advice and answering the call whenever they need assistance.

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