We work with franchises of all shapes and sizes, nationwide, to help mitigate risk, manage benefits, and provide insurance for proactive protection.

At Associated, we partner with franchisors and franchisees to ensure the entire company is safe, protected, and covered. Your reputation matters, so it's critical everyone representing your company is on the same page with a full understanding of your business model and policies.

As a franchisee, you may or may not have access to insurance options and employee benefits through your franchisor. Navigating through your welcome kit can leave you with questions about compliance, insurance, and the right protection, should a claim hit. We work closely with both franchisors at the top level and franchisees to ensure everyone is protected across the board.

Today’s franchise businesses face many challenges and areas of compliance, including ADA requirements and liability, employee practices liability (which includes protection against harassment and discrimination), and even biometric screening concerns. There are many compliance issues and laws to keep track of on both the corporate level and the franchisee level.

With so many checks and balances required, Associated will help you decipher it all, including:

  • Franchise Insurance and Benefits: Whether you're a franchisor looking for a group policy to cover all your stores or a franchisee looking to cover a few, we'll help you find the right strategy.

  • Errors and Omissions Insurance: We’ll help you understand coverage and ensure everyone is on the same page, even in different states with different laws.

  • Liability Protection: When serving customers and employees, liability protection is critical. Your reputation is on the line and you need to keep it safe.

  • Emerging Exposures: Cybercrime, biometric consent, ADA liability, harassment, and discrimination coverage, workers' compensation, loss control, and non-owed and hired auto coverages are critical to protecting you in our rapidly changing world.


Julie Silverman

Franchise Practice Leader

Think of us as the quarterback for your team. We’ll maximize whatever we can do to help with your business risk and compliance. We help franchisors and franchisees work together to ensure they’re following the requirements and getting the right and most comprehensive coverage as they grow. We know that if they don't have the right risk protection and program, it could put the franchisee out of business and seriously damage the company at the corporate level. Compliance is critical.

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